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Frobabies Hair Honey Bubbles Moisturizing Shampoo (12oz)

Frobabies Hair Honey Bubbles Moisturizing Shampoo (12oz)

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Honey Bubbles Moisturizing ShampooTM is delightfully gentle and sulfate-free. It leaves hair strands feeling clean and hydrated. This shampoo softens, moisturizes, and detangles hair while gently cleansing.


  1. Extra gentle
  2. Softens hair

How To Use

Thoroughly wet scalp and hair. Separate hair, apply Honey Bubbles Moisturizing Shampoo to the scalp, and work down to ends of hair. Massage to cleanse hair and scalp, then rinse. Repeat, rinse, towel dry. Follow up with So Super Soft After Shampoo Conditioner, then rinse and style. For quick conditioning follow up with Detangle Me Baby Leave-In Conditioner.

Frobabies Hair products has NO Alcohol, NO Parabens, NO Mineral Oil, NO sulfate and contain the most effective ingredients to address your child’s specific hair care needs.

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