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EZBRAID Professional 7X One & Done Pre-Stretched Braid (26inch)

EZBRAID Professional 7X One & Done Pre-Stretched Braid (26inch)

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Key Features:

  • One Package for One Full Style
  • Antivirus, Scalp Health, Hot Water set

Pre-Stretched Itch-Free Braid Hair

The #1 braid brand in the United States, EZBRAID products are specialized with the newly developed method, manufactures by Innocence, called EZ Technology. This newly specialized method is what separates EZBRAID from the competition, and what makes EZBRAID so loved by the consumers.

EZBRAID is more than just the hair. What makes EZBRAID so special is the EZ Technology, made with special technic and 100% Spetra Antibacterial Fiber, which was developed by the creator of EZBRAID. In a span of few years, EZBRAID has become the most desired braid hair brand on the market.

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