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EBIN BRAID FORMULA LOC, Twist, Braid Oil (4oz)

EBIN BRAID FORMULA LOC, Twist, Braid Oil (4oz)

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Our Braid Formula: Loc, Twist, and Braid Oil is the perfect braiding oil to use before or after braiding. Our braiding oil comes in 3 different types of oils: Caffeine, Chamomile and Citrus, to provide you with the ultimate scalp treatment you need.  Our nourishing oil to prevent dry scalp and hair loss to make your hair healthier and shine.

[CAFFINE - Growth Stimulating] Infused with caffeine which stimulates hair growth by locking in moisture and blood circulation boost. The caffeine relieves the frizz and makes it easier to detangle the hair.

[CITRUS - Cuticle Strengthening] Infused with citrus oil which controls the dry scalp by promoting the circulation of the hair and scalp. The citrus oil gives aromatherapy and brings energy to prevent dull and brittle hair.

[CHAMOMILE - Anti Breakage] Infused with chamomile oil to restore the vibrancy and shine of the hair. The chamomile oil not only prevents split ends but adds strengths to the damaged hair.

  • BRAIDING OIL: Braid Formula: Loc, Twist and braid Oil is the perfect scalp care oil for braids and protective hairstyles. Nutrient rich oil provides the moisture to prevent dry scalp caused by tension from braiding. Our braiding oil can be used before or after braiding.
  • MOISTURE: Luxurious braiding oil that alleviates the dry flaky scalp. The hyper nutritional braiding oil that is the perfect scalp care to keep your scalp moisturized.
  • NOURISH: The braiding oil that is made to nourish your scalp and make your hair stronger. It also adds a healthier shine for a flawless healthy look.
  • CRUELTY FREE: Cruelty free, vegan friendly with hair loving ingredients. Let your hair shine with only the best ingredients
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