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Annie Braid Charm Set, Feather

Annie Braid Charm Set, Feather

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Transform your braids, twists, and locs into works of art with the exquisite Annie Braid Charm Sets. Elevate your style with our collection of high-quality metal charms, designed to add a touch of elegance to any hairstyle. Whether for work or a special occasion, these charms will elevate your look and reflect your unique personality. Start building your collection today and elevate your vibe every day.

Feather: Along the narrow rock strewn ridge at the center of three heads of water is where you felt the Earth move, and where you learned the land accepts you. Embracing dangerous freedom and running from needless comforts is who you've become, and as you return to the world we know you wear these feathers in your hair to remind you of each time you found beauty in your adventures.


  • 15 metal rings.
  • 10 metal Feather charms
  • 10 metal cuffs.
  • 1 Gold String 50"
Small pieces. Keep away from children.


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