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Cantu Satin Lined Shower Cap

Cantu Satin Lined Shower Cap

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Kiss your basic shower cap goodbye!

Cantu Satin-Lined Shower Cap takes hair protection to the next level. The double-sided waterproof material guarantees your hair stays dry, and the satin lining is gentle enough on your curls to minimize frizz during baths or showers.

The Cantu Satin-Lined Shower Cap adds just the right amount of flair with a beautiful striped design and is durable enough to stand the test of time against your traditional plastic shower cap. Say goodbye to tears in your shower cap or holes that let moisture ruin your curls!

Be fearless in the shower, confident that your cap will stay put as it protects your hair from water and steam. 

  • Double-sided waterproof material protects hair from water and steam
  • Satin lining minimizes frizz during baths or showers
  • Durable design
  • Securely fits over hair of all lengths and textures
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