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Cantu Masque Treatment-Grapeseed (12oz)

Cantu Masque Treatment-Grapeseed (12oz)

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There is nothing that feels more soothing and comforting to your scalp than an effectively hydrating hair treatment. You can achieve one by applying a cleanser or deep masking hair product such as Cantu Grapeseed Deep Treatment Masque

Cantu has brought you its effective masque namely, Cantu Grapeseed Deep Treatment Masque with deeply repairing formula involving natural oils. The formula contains the goodness of grapeseed oil that is light in weight and replenishes the health of the hair. It also helps to provide intense treatment to transform the ruined or over-processed hair. Along with it, cantu’s grapeseed strengthening treatment masque also has olive oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil as key ingredients. These natural lubricants along with the signature shea butter formula profoundly infiltrate hair shafts and deeply nourish and moisturize the dry strands. The Cantu Grapeseed Deep Treatment Masque is free of all harmful chemicals. This sulfate-free treatment masque is designed precisely for challenging curly hair and giving back your hair's natural shine and health without damaging them.

Key features

  • An ideal treatment for dry and ruined hair 
  • Repairs damaged hair by conditioning each and every strand
  • Extremely nourishing formula
  • Contain all-natural hair oils
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