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Bobbi Boss Boss Braid Prestretched 3X 54"

Bobbi Boss Boss Braid Prestretched 3X 54"

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Boss Braids deliver only the best in braided style with their incredibly soft texture and sleek finish. Enjoy 54 inches of pre-stretched braiding hair offered in a wide variety of beautiful natural and ombre colors. Each Boss Braid is made entirely with 100% Kanekalon Afrelle synthetic fiber for a truly voluminous look, and their extra-soft texture creates fuller ends for the most natural-looking braids. Natural knotless looks have never been easier to make.


  • Pre-Stretched and Pre-Layered
  • Wide Selection of Unique Colors
  • Extra Soft Texture
  • Made with 100% Kanekalon Afrelle Synthetic Fiber
  • Perfect for Knotless Styles
  • Easy to Separate and Grip
  • Fuller Ends
  • Sleek Finish
  • Hot Water Setting Friendly
  • 3X Pack

Type: 3X Value Pack Pre-Stretched Boss Braids
Hair: Extra-Soft 100% Kanekalon Afrelle Synthetic Fiber
Style: Long with Sleek Finish
Length: 54”
Hot Water Setting: Yes
Flame Retardant: Yes
Color Shown: 1B
Colors: Natural, Ombre, and Colorful Hues

Directions: Wrap braid tightly around a rod of your choice. Put the rods in hot water (Optimal temperature: 175F-185F) Immerse the wrapped rods in hot water and hold for 15 seconds. Once dry, unwrap braid from rod to reveal curl for classic hot-water set style

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