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AFRICAN ROYALE Hot Six Oil (8oz)

AFRICAN ROYALE Hot Six Oil (8oz)

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Hot six oil is made from only ALL NATURAL plant herbs and oils with absolutely NO ANIMAL FAT or animal oils. Hot six oil's special light formula goes in hair, skin, scalp, and nail cuticles easily and without a heavy oil buildup. Hot six oil leaves your hair light and well conditioned.


To use as a hot oil 

  • Shampoo hair, then towel dry. Place Hot six oil in a container of HOT (not boiling) water until hot.
  • Massage Hot six oil evenly into hair and scalp then cover with warm moist towel for 3-5min.
  • Rinse with warm water then style.

To use as a hair body or nail oil

  • Rub Hot six oil in hands then massage into hair, skin or into cuticles where needed.
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